Why Study in Canada?

why study in canada

Why Study in Canada?

Canada has become one of the most popular destinations for students from all around the world. With dozens of world-class schools, beautiful scenery, and a multicultural population, international students are attending Canadian colleges and universities in growing numbers.

Studying in Canada comes with a large number of benefits, both for the country and for the international student. Many other countries do not have the same features for international students interested in university or college in Canada.

Benefits of Studying in Canada

Quality Education
Canadian universities have some of the highest academic standards with some of the best universities in the world. With revolutionary research programs, well-known professors, and groundbreaking courses, you know you’re getting the best education available when you study in Canada.

Compared to many other countries, Canadian university tuition fees are affordable. While varying, tuition fees often range around a couple to a few thousand per year, with financial assistance also available.

Internationally Recognized
Diplomas from many Canadian universities and programs are recognized internationally. Universities such as McGill, University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, and University of Waterloo offer a variety of programs and diplomas that are internationally recognized.

Multicultural Society
Cities in Canada, particularly cities with large universities, are very multicultural. No matter where you’re from, you can likely find your culture celebrated in a large Canadian city. There also exist international student advisors, international groups, food, clubs, and many other amenities and features that can help make you feel at home and expose you to new cultures.

Possibility of Immigration
Studying in Canada comes with a unique benefit that many other countries don’t present – when you complete a degree, you have a possibility of permanent residency in Canada. This possibility of immigration is a great benefit of studying in Canada. In some situations, you can apply for permanent residency without leaving the country after you graduate.

Reasonable Living Expenses
While studying abroad, tuition is not your only expense! Many cities in Canada have a reasonable standard of living and living expenses, meaning your rent, groceries, and leisure are usually very affordable compared to many other cities, particularly in the United States or Europe.

Work While You Study
With the right permits, you are able to work while you study in Canada. This means you’re able to legally make money to pay for your tuition or leisure while you’re studying and gain valuable work experience in a new country. Many other countries do not allow their international students to obtain work permits while they are studying – Canada is one of the unique ones!

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