Who is Eligible For Family Sponsorship Canada?

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Who is Eligible For Family Sponsorship Canada?

If you’re looking to immigrate to a new country with your family, Canada is one of the best options. The Canadian government offers generous family reunification programs to allow immigrants to bring their families to Canada.

There are a variety of relationships that qualify for Family Class Sponsorship Canada, including spouses and common-law partners, parents, grandparents, and dependent children. There is also the Super Visa program for parents and grandparents who are immigrating in the family class.

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Requirements for Family Sponsorship Canada

You may be eligible to sponsor these certain relatives to immigration to Canada in the Family Class if you meet some basic requirements. You must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident of Canada, or registered as an Indian under the Canadian Indian Act

If you sponsor a relative to come to Canada as a permanent resident, you must prove that you are able to support your relative financially when they arrive, be able to meet basic needs for yourself and for your relative (food, shelter, and clothing), and you must ensure that your relative will not need or apply for social assistance programs.

If you live in Quebec, you will need to ensure that you and your relative(s) meet the terms of Quebec’s immigration sponsorship requirements.

This is a non-exhaustive list of requirements for family sponsorship Canada. Contact an immigration consultant at Go Canada Services for more detailed information.

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