Where were the September Express Entry immigrants born?

Where were the September Express Entry immigrants born?

Where were the September Express Entry immigrants born?
In September 2019 Canada admitted 11,705 new Permanent Residents via the Express Entry system. Most September newcomers were born in India – 5,530 or 47.2% of the total immigrants. The second-largest source of new PRs was Nigeria – 960 newcomers or 8.2%. The third biggest country of origin in September was China with 600 immigrants or 5.1%. Pakistanis constitute the fourth biggest group – 425 immigrants (3.6%). The fifth was the USA – 370 (3.2%). The other countries in the top ten were: United Kingdom- 265 (2.3%), Brazil – 235 (2%), Iran – 180 (1.5%), Bangladesh – 170 (1.5%), and Egypt – 145 (1.2%).

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IRCC combats international students who do not comply with terms of their stay in Canada
According to the internal report of the IRCC, 10% of international students enrolled in colleges and universities are “potentially” not complying with the conditions of their stay in Canada. This number is likely higher as many schools fail to report the status of up to 20% of international students. 587 of the 655 institutions across Canada (90%) submitted data on foreign students’ enrolment. According to the report, 9% or 28,049 of the 316,531 study permit holders were identified as “potentially non-complying” the conditions of their study permits. Schools also failed to report about the status of 16% or 51,051 of the international students. 5,502 study permits were revoked in 2018. In the first two months of 2019 alone, IRCC cancelled 1,048 study permits.

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Marco Mendicino is named as the new Minister of Immigration
On November 20, 2019, Marco Mendicino replaced Ahmed Hussen as the Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship in the new cabinet led by Justin Trudeau. Leading the team of over 8,000 employees of IRCC, Mendicino will be responsible for implementing the election promises of the Liberals. First and foremost, the public is waiting for the launch of the Municipal Nominee Program (MNP). Trudeau promised that MNP will have a quota of 5,000 spots annually. The second most important promise is making the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP) permanent and increase the program’s quota to 5,000 annually.


Self-employed truck drivers would not qualify under OINP
Foreign nationals who have an open work permit, truck driving license, and are working with an Ontario company on payroll can be eligible to qualify for immigration under the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP). Mostly truck drivers declare themselves as self-employed persons, not on payroll with a company. However, they must meet eligibility conditions including nine-month work experience as a truck driver to qualify for immigration. International students can qualify for immigration as truck drivers if they meet all conditions under OINP. Ontario employers need to meet certain eligibility criteria to hire a foreign truck driver. In the Greater Toronto Area, they should have at least $1 million of annual turnover and five employees on their payroll. If based outside the GTA, then they should have at least $500,000 turnover and three employees on their payroll.

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