What To Do When Your Visa Application Is Refused

REfused Visa Application

What To Do When Your Visa Application Is Refused

Having your visa application refused when you are trying to immigrate to Canada is one of the most frustrating and disheartening experiences. Most applicants have worked on their applications for weeks or months, and being refused can make it appear you have no recourse and no options. However, there are many reasons why your visa application may have been refused, ranging from those that are simply corrected or some that are more severe.

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What Should You Do If Your Application Has Been Refused?

The good news is that if your application to come to Canada is refused, you can apply again at any time unless your decision letter specifically states otherwise. When you re-apply, you must ensure you include the information that you previously did not. In most cases, it is more beneficial to begin the re-application process as soon as possible so as not to miss any important deadlines.

You have a number of options and routes to follow if your application has been refused:

  • You may be eligible to Appeal your refusal to the Federal Court of Canada within a certain period
  • You may be eligible to Appeal your refusal to the Immigration Adjudication Division within a certain period
  • You may be able to make a request for Restoration to the Case Processing Centre

These are just some of the options available for some situations. A qualified immigration consultant or lawyer can help you determine which option is right for you in continuing the application process. In cases where the original application simply did not include enough information, an immigration consultant can help you correct these errors and fill out your application in full.

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Navigating the application process can e overwhelming and confusing, no matter which immigration program you are applying through. Save time by ensuring you have the right information and the right requirements fulfilled by working with an immigration consultant at Go Canada Services.

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