Top-10 of the total PR admissions in January 2020

Top-10 of the total PR admissions in January 2020

Top-10 of the total PR admissions in January 2020
IRCC has finally released the official comprehensive statistics for permanent residence admissions in January 2020. In the first months of the year, Canada admitted 24,725 immigrants. Most of them arrived from India – 5,370 Indians became new Canadians (21.7% of the total). Chinese were the second-largest country of origin of newcomers – 2,880 (11.7%). The third place was taken by the Philippines – 1,800 (7.3%). The other top ten countries in January were: the USA – 885 immigrants (3.6%), Nigeria – 870 (3.5%), France – 740 (3%), Pakistan – 605 (2.5%), Iran and South Korea – 495 each (2%), and United Kingdom – 490 (2%). In January 2019, Canada admitted 18,645 immigrants, while in December 2019 – 20,920.

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Prince Edward Island stops its PNP
The government of Prince Edward Island decided to temporarily pause the Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. At the moment, there are over 200 new immigrants who have been invited during January and February to come to the province. Their invitations were extended for 90 additional days, and if required, those invitations could be extended once again. The provincial government is in contact with the employers waiting for some of those immigrants to help them with this situation.

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International Experience Canada is officially on hold
On April 2, 2020, the website of the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) officially stated that invitation rounds in the International Experience Canada (IEC) are currently on hold due to COVID-19. The IRCC will provide an update on their website and social media once the invitation rounds resume. In the recent three weeks, IRCC has minimized the number of invitations to apply for a work permit for the foreign youth and the last week did not invite any. Nevertheless, eligible candidates can still register in the pool and prepare all required documents so once the program is renewed, you can receive an invitation.

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Canada’s immigration population will see a major change in 2068
Statistics Canada predicts that many developed countries will see a decline in population in the next 50 years. But due to the effects of immigration, it is predicted that Canada’s population will continue to grow rapidly. In addition, the Canadian government has stated the influence international students have on Canada in their recent international education strategy. Canada’s Minister of Small Business, Export Promotion and International Trade Mary Ng said in a statement: “If international students choose Canada, they will make significant contributions to the Canadian economy.” This showed a special attitude Canada has towards international students and its enthusiasm to absorb them. According to a report from Statistics Canada, Canada’s population may reach 55 million people by 2068. Immigration continues to be the drive for population growth in the next 50 years. The increase in the newcomer population in Canada showed people’s preference for Canada. Over 50% of international students in Canada are from China and India. Over the years, Canada has continued to loosen up its immigration plan to accept more newcomers to the country.

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