Thunder Bay has not issued any invitations in the RNIP yet

Thunder Bay has not issued any invitations in the RNIP yet

Thunder Bay has not issued any invitations in the RNIP yet
As of April 2020, Thunder Bay, ON, which is one of the communities selected for the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP), still did not invite any candidates to apply for a community recommendation. Nevertheless, Thunder Bay has specified that out of 100 total spots for the program, 10 are allocated for candidates in skill levels A and D (per each) and 40 for skill levels B and C (per each). The highest possible score in the Thunder Bay RNIP is 138. To be reviewed by the election committee, a candidate needs to score at least 60% of possible points, i.e. 83 points and higher. The community has also published available job positions in all skill levels.

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International students are not eligible for CESB
The Federal Government announced the Canada Emergency Student Benefit (CESB) for the aid of students. Under the fund, eligible post-secondary students will receive $1,250 a month from May to August. Unfortunately, international students are not eligible for CESB. At the same time, international students may be eligible for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) as all workers who have earned at least $5,000 in the last year can apply for it. Working international students have paid tax on their earnings in the last 12 months, therefore Canada is willing to help them.

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Amidst COVID-19 crisis, New Brunswick bans the entry of temporary foreign workers
On April 28, 2020, the government of New Brunswick released new travel restrictions for temporary foreign workers during the COVID-19 crisis in the province. New Brunswick has updated its mandatory order under the state of emergency to restrict temporary foreign workers from entering the province. According to Premier Blaine Higgs, keeping the borders closed will help to reduce the risk of further spread of the COVID-19. However, in the announcement, it is emphasized, that the travel ban has no impact on temporary foreign workers already working in the province.

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Alberta extends health coverage for workers awaiting the renewal of their work permit
Many people who were on a work permit have had their permit lapse. When the work permit lapses, health coverage lapses alongside it. Many people had applied for a work permit renewal, but since things are slow now and everything is closed, renewals are not being processed fast enough. Therefore, Alberta has made an important decision to extend health care for uninsured foreigners whose work permits have lapsed. This is a temporary extension of health coverage for all those people whose work permits have lapsed and who have applied for an extension. As soon as a work permit ends, one does not have access to the province’s public health insurance plan. These workers will be able to use their health cards until July 31 or as long as there is a state of emergency due to COVID-19, whichever lasts longer.

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