The BCPNP sent invitations to tech workers and skilled professionals

The BCPNP sent invitations to tech workers and skilled professionals

The BCPNP sent invitations to tech workers and skilled professionals
On May 7, 2024, the Government of British Columbia held the latest invitation draws under the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BCPNP) and issued invitations to apply to qualified candidates in tech, healthcare, childcare, construction, and veterinary care occupations. In the tech draw, the province invited 41 candidates. The minimum score for candidates invited in this draw was 120 points. BC issued eleven ITAs to candidates under the childcare-targeted draw for early childhood educators (NOC 42202). In the Healthcare-targeted draw, British Columbia invited twelve candidates who scored 100 points. The province also issued twelve invitations to candidates working in the construction sector. Furthermore, up to five invitations have been issued to candidates working in veterinary care occupations. British Columbia issued up to 81 ITAs in this draw. This year, the province has already invited up to 3,010 candidates.

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Canada announced a new policy for Hong Kong permanent residence applicants
On May 7, 2024, the Government of Canada introduced a new policy allowing Hong Kong permanent residence applicants to extend their status and obtain an open work permit while awaiting a decision on their permanent residence applications. Starting May 27, 2024, open work permits will be available to applicants under Stream A (in-Canada graduates) or Stream B (Canadian work experience) who have held a work or study permit in the past three years. This policy will be in place for five years, allowing applicants to extend their temporary status while their permanent residence application is processed. Monitoring the situation in Hong Kong, Canada ensures its immigration programs cater to Hong Kong residents’ needs.

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Housing shortages hindering the immigration-driven growth
Migration influx has helped countries like Canada, Australia, and the UK balance aging populations and falling birth rates. Migration fills labour shortages, with the US thriving due to a growing labour pool, albeit on a smaller scale than Canada. However, despite population growth, living conditions in Canada are worsening due to high housing costs and limited job opportunities, leading to a per-capita GDP decline. This has prompted Canada to reduce immigration targets. These factors have led to calls for stricter immigration controls and housing reforms. Despite these issues, immigration remains vital for economic growth, necessitating balanced government policies.

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Quebec started accepting collective sponsorship applications
On May 7, 2024, the Government of Quebec announced the start of the application intake for the Program for Refugees Abroad (Collective Sponsorship). Teams of 2 to 5 individuals or organizations can submit Collective Sponsorship applications via the Arrima platform. According to the update, the deadline for the initial application submission (Step 1) is June 4, 2024. The Program for Refugees Abroad allows sponsors to sponsor refugees and their families overseas. During the intake period, sponsors must file an undertaking application with the Ministere de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Integration (MIFI). This undertaking is a one-year contract with the Quebec Government in which sponsors act as the refugee’s guarantor, ensuring the provision of necessities to the refugees while assisting in their integration process.

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