Sudbury held a new draw for RNIP candidates

Sudbury held a new draw for RNIP candidates

Sudbury held a new draw for RNIP candidates
On April 11, 2024, the City of Greater Sudbury held a new round of invitations in the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP) Program. The city considered 24 candidates in this round, including 20 via the Conventional Stream and four via the Francophone Stream. The minimum score for the Conventional stream was 160, while the cut-off score for Francophone candidates was 155. This year, Sudbury invited a total of 351 applicants. So far, the city has recommended around 740 individuals under the RNIP since the program’s launch.

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Immigrant children thrive in higher education
Child immigrants in Canada perform better in the workforce and earn more than both late-life immigrants and average Canadians, according to a Statistics Canada report. Admitted to Canada as children, they often pursue postsecondary education and report higher median wages by age 30. Nearly two million children migrated to Canada since 1980, representing one in five immigrants. These children are more likely to attend college or university than non-immigrant children. The younger the immigrant child at admission, the more likely they are to pursue postsecondary education. Immigrants admitted as children often out-earn all tax filers by age 25-30. By 30, their median wage is $54,900, 17.6% higher than the Canadian average.

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New Brunswick schools call for more action on international students
New Brunswick’s postsecondary institutions dispute new federal restrictions on international students. The cap, announced by Immigration Minister Marc Miller, aims to regulate Canada’s growth and limit international arrivals. New Brunswick received 9,279 of about 393,000 study permit applications, with a 10% drop from 2023, but adding 5,372 permits, totalling 14,651 for the province. Despite an increase in attestation letters in New Brunswick, the approval rate for study permit applicants remains low. Canadian institutions are collaborating with Ottawa to enhance conversion rates, including demanding first-semester fees before issuing attestation letters.

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Quebec’s Premier Legault considers referendum on immigration powers
Quebec Premier Francois Legault called on Ottawa to consider all options, including a potential referendum, regarding immigration powers. He criticized the federal government for interfering in provincial matters and stressed Quebecers’ concerns about immigration levels. Legault urged Prime Minister Trudeau to prioritize Quebecers’ views in immigration policy discussions. This comes as the federal budget for 2024 is about to be revealed amidst perceived excessive federal intervention in Quebec. Legault mentioned Quebecers’ dissatisfaction with the high number of temporary immigrants, which puts pressure on essential services. He suggested two possible solutions: reducing immigrant influx or granting more immigration powers to Quebec. In response, Trudeau rejected transferring total powers, emphasizing the need for collaboration.

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