Some international students will be able to work more than 20 hours

Some international students will be able to work more than 20 hours

Some international students will be able to work more than 20 hours
April 22, 2020, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) announced about temporary removing the limit of working only 20 hours per week allowed to international students if they are working in an essential service, such as health care, critical infrastructure, or the food supply or other critical goods. These measures were adopted as a response to coronavirus crisis and come into an effect immediately. This temporary regulation will be in place until August 31, 2020. Nevertheless, international students must verify that their work is considered as an essential service, otherwise, excess of working hours may still be regarded as a violation of the conditions of their study permits.

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Travel ban to last until June 30
A government regulation enacting the air travel ban on foreign nationals is in place until June 30. At the same time, Ottawa will continue to assist Canadian citizens to return home from abroad. However, permanent residents are not allowed to board the flights arranged by the Canadian government, if they are not travelling with a close relative who is a Canadian citizen. Officials said that the government’s duty is to help only its citizens during the crisis and that if a Permanent Resident is in a country, where he/she is a citizen, they don’t need to be brought anywhere.

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Ontario government covers foreign students and visitors
Ontario MPP Deepak Anand said that international students and foreign visitors in Canada will be covered by the Ontario government during the COVID-19 pandemic. If they go to any Ontario hospital, their hospitalization and consultancy will be 100% free, said Anand. He also said that those Canadians who are currently stuck in India can contact him if they need any help there. If they need to reach out to Ontario Works or the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) they can call his office.

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