Quebec Skilled Workers Program

If you have decided to immigrate in the province through the Quebec’s Skilled Workers program, the process is different than Skilled Workers in other provinces. There is a point system that will determine whether or not you will be selected. A single applicant needs to score at least 49 points and if you have a spouse or common-law partner, together you must score at least 57 points. The following table summarizes the selection’s factors and the maximum point allowed. For more information or to check if you are eligible, contact us .

Skilled Workers Program and Areas of Training
Selection Factor Maximum Points
Training 28
Experience 8
Age 16
Language Proficiency 22
Stay in family(in Quebec) 8
Spouse’s characteristics 16
Employment offer(valid) 10
Children 8
Self-Sufficiency(financially) 1
Adaptability 6

On the following table, you will find the points associate with each area of training for the applicant and spouse. The detailed education level can be found on Quebec’s immigration website. If you need more information, or to check if your diploma has an equivalent, please contact us.

List of areas of training

Area of training Points Spouse or de facto spouse
Section A 16 4
Section B 12 3
Section C 6 2
Section D 2 1
Section E 0 0