Quebec issued 1,433 invitations in the new Arrima draw

Quebec issued 1,433 invitations in the new Arrima draw

Quebec issued 1,433 invitations in the new Arrima draw
On September 11, 2023, the Quebec Ministry of Immigration (MIFI) published the results of the 52nd invitation round in Quebec’s online system Arrima. On September 7, 2023, MIFI invited 1,433 candidates to apply for a Quebec Selection Certificate under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program. Candidates invited in this round had a minimum score of 586, at least level 7 oral proficiency in French, and a valid job offer outside the territory of the Montreal Metropolitan Community. This year, MIFI invited 13,741 candidates through the regular Arrima draws. Since the launch of Arrima in July 2019, the Government of Quebec invited 27,058 foreign nationals in 52 draws to apply for immigration to Quebec.

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Canada saw an increase of 40,000 job holders
In August 2023, the number of people with Canadian jobs increased by 40,000, but the employment rate dropped due to population growth. Over 5% of Canadian residents work more than one job, with women more likely than men to do so. Many workers take on additional jobs, such as housing and groceries, to meet financial needs. Approximately one million people, or 5.4% of the employed, held multiple positions in August 2023, similar to the previous year. Immigrants admitted to Canada less than ten years ago, and workers of Black or Filipino descent have higher rates of multiple job holding. Despite employment rising 0.3% in August, the employment rate decreased 0.1 percentage points to 61.9% due to population growth.

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Saskatchewan invited 23 candidates under the Entrepreneur Program
On September 7, 2023, the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) conducted the fifth invitation round in the Entrepreneur Program 2023 and invited 23 entrepreneurs. This round’s highest Expression of Interest (EOI) score was 140 points. The average score was 115 points. The lowest score was 105. The province will conduct the following EOI pool selections on November 2, 2023. According to the new update, candidates cannot change their business plans after applying to the program. They also cannot change their Business Performance Agreement after the SINP approval. In 2023, Saskatchewan invited 5,398 candidates under all streams, including 196 entrepreneurs.

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Immigration minister worries the housing crisis may unfairly affect immigrants and international students
The Immigration Minister, Marc Miller, and student advocates express concern that the current housing crisis may cause an unjustified backlash against immigrants and international students. With the number of international students expected to reach 900,000 this year, a significant increase from just under 240,000 in 2011, Housing Minister Sean Fraser suggested a cap on the number of international students Canada accepts. However, advocates believe that such a proposal could unfairly target already vulnerable communities. Additionally, Miller emphasized that international students contribute significantly to the economy, amounting to $20 to $30 billion yearly through tuition and other fees.

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