Prince Edward Island invited new candidates through the PEI PNP

Prince Edward Island invited new candidates through the PEI PNP

Prince Edward Island invited new candidates through the PEI PNP
On October 19, 2023, Prince Edward Island held new draws under the Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PEI PNP). PEI PNP invited 102 candidates in the Labour Impact and Express Entry streams. Another two invitations were sent to Business Impact Category candidates. The lowest score for the business candidates was 80. In total, PEI issued 104 invitations in this round. The next draw is scheduled for November 2, 2023. Since the beginning of 2023, the PEI PNP issued 2,142 invitations. Among them, 54 invitations were under the Business Impact Category, and 2,088 were under the Labour Impact and Express Entry categories.

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Canadians share mixed thoughts on the impact of immigration
In September, only 3% of Canadians considered immigration a top concern. The main issues across the country were housing, homelessness, and poverty (25%), healthcare (24%), and the economy/jobs (20%). According to a recent survey, 45% of Canadians see immigration as having a mostly positive impact, 38% see it as having a mostly negative effect, and 17% remain undecided. This marks a change from February 2022, when positive perceptions of immigration were 54% and negative perceptions were lower at 26%. In 2023, only Quebec (54%) and British Columbia (51%) have a majority of residents with a positive outlook on immigration. The percentages are lower in Saskatchewan and Manitoba (46%), Ontario (41%), Atlantic Canada (41%), and Alberta (34%).

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Ontario to introduce a new program for recognizing foreign-trained physicians
The second intake period for Ontario’s assessment program for internationally-trained family doctors and general practitioners will begin in early January next year. Practice Ready Ontario (PRO) simplified the process for internationally-trained physicians to practice in Ontario by accepting applications from June 21 to July 19 this year. Results were sent out in the second week of August. Those who missed the first intake or did not receive a positive result can now apply for the second intake if they meet the requirements. The program includes a 12-week clinical field assessment in an assigned Ontario community to evaluate applicants’ readiness for independent practice.

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More foreign workers came to Canada under the IEC
Over the last week, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) held new draws in the pools of International Experience Canada (IEC). From October 14 to October 20, Canada invited 3,965 young foreigners to apply for an IEC open work permit. As of September 29, 32,256 candidates registered in the pool, awaiting the invitation. In this round, there were 218 ITAs for Australia, 3 ITAs for Austria, 16 ITAs for Belgium, 2,235 ITAs for Chile, 12 ITA for Costa Rica, 7 ITAs for Croatia, 32 ITAs for the Czech Republic, 7 ITAs for Denmark, 5 ITAs for Estonia, 197 ITAs for France, 166 ITAs for Germany, 7 ITAs for Greece, 4 ITAs for Hong Kong, 175 ITAs for Ireland, 123 ITAs for Italy, 6 ITAs for Japan, 126 ITAs for Korea, 2 ITAs Latvia, 2 ITAs for Lithuania, 3 ITAs for Luxembourg, 27 ITAs for the Netherlands, 42 ITAs for New Zealand, 1 ITA for Norway, 15 ITAs for Poland, 32 ITAs for Portugal, 2 ITAs for Slovakia, 3 ITAs for Slovenia, 45 ITAs for Spain, 8 ITAs for Sweden, 5 ITAs for Switzerland, 177 ITAs for Taiwan, and 262 ITAs for the United Kingdom. In 2023, Canada issued 131,551 ITAs under the IEC Program.

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