Prince Edward Island invited a record high 321 candidates between July 31 and August 20

Prince Edward Island invited a record high 321 candidates between July 31 and August 20

Prince Edward Island invited a record high 321 candidates between July 31 and August 20
On August 25, 2020, Prince Edward Island published the results of the invitation rounds in the Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PEI PNP) that were held on July 31, August 11, and August 20. On July 31 and August 11, the PEI PNP invited 8 candidates in each round. All 16 candidates have been invited to the Labour Impact and Express Entry streams. On August 20, the provincial government invited a record high 305 candidates, the largest number of candidates in one draw in the program’s history. In this round, the government of the province issued invitations to 277 skilled workers via the Labour Impact and Express Entry streams and 28 candidates in the Business Work Permit Entrepreneurs stream. The lowest score for business-candidates was 112 points, five points fewer than in July draw. All candidates invited in these three draws have submitted their applications from May to June and they all currently reside in Prince Edward Island. In total, PEI invited 923 candidates in 2020. In the last twelve months, PEI PNP issued 1,529 invitations, and 10% of them were issued to business candidates.

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BC issued ITAs to 72 Tech Pilot candidates
On August 25, 2020, British Columbia conducted a new draw in the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) Tech Pilot. In this round, the government distributed 72 invitations to apply for the nomination of British Columbia in four categories: Skills Immigration – Skilled Worker, Skills Immigration – International Graduate, Express Entry British Columbia – Skilled Worker, and Express Entry British Columbia – International Graduate. All candidates at least 80 points in the Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS). In total, British Columbia invited 5,563 candidates in 2020 and 1,505 of them were invited Tech Pilot candidates.

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Nation-wide protests demanding immigration status for temporary foreign workers
The Migrant Rights Network simultaneously held protests in ten cities including Toronto and Vancouver across the country to demand that the federal government take immediate action to expand the scope of immigration to resolve the immigration status of temporary foreign workers who have been stranded in Canada due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Syed Hussan, the organizer of the protests, said that at present, there are 1.6 million temporary foreign workers in Canada who do not have Canadian permanent residency status. These temporary foreign workers, on the one hand, have been making contributions to Canada’s development and society, but on the other hand, they have been excluded from Canada’s health insurance programs and COVID-19 related emergency response benefits, so they are living in poverty and are facing the risk of being deported.

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Canada may need more immigrants in the post-COVID scenario
Canada’s economic growth relies on immigrants. It is difficult for Canadian businesses to survive without immigrants and skilled workers. In post-COVID time, the need for immigrants could be even higher. It is possible that Canada may not achieve its immigration targets as they were planned for 2020. However, in the next two years, those targets will be definitely achieved. Nearly 9 million Canadians are going to retire in the next 8-10 years. Immigrants are required to fill those spaces. Almost 25% of jobs have been created by new immigrants in recent years.

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