Prince Edward Island invited 184 skilled workers and 27 entrepreneurs

Prince Edward Island invited 184 skilled workers and 27 entrepreneurs

Prince Edward Island invited 184 skilled workers and 27 entrepreneurs
On October 19, 2020, Prince Edward Island released the results of the October 15 draw in the Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PEI PNP). In this invitation round, the provincial government issued 211 invitations to apply for a provincial nomination. PEI invited 184 skilled workers in the Labour Impact and Express Entry streams and 27 candidates in the Business Work Permit Entrepreneurs stream. The lowest score for business-candidates was 97 points, five points fewer than in September 17 draw. It seems the PEI PNP has returned to a normal schedule of one all-streams monthly draws. In 2020, Prince Edward Island invited 1,479 candidates including 159 entrepreneurs. In the last twelve months, PEI PNP invited 1,621 skilled workers and 184 business candidates to apply for the PEI nomination.

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Canada extended the border closure with the United States until November 21
On October 19, 2020, Canada extended the border closure with the United States until November 21, 2020. It is the seventh extension of travel restrictions through the land border. This was announced by the Minister of Public Safety of Canada Bill Blair on Twitter. Later today, it was also confirmed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on his Twitter. The US-Canada border remains closed since March 19, following the emergency measures of the government to stop the spread of the COVID-19. The pandemic situation in the US remains critical and the closure of the border may continue until the situation improves or after the end of phase three of vaccines tests.

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Canadian government adhering to the 1.05 million immigrant goal
According to Bloomberg, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau insisted on achieving the goal of attracting 1.05 million new immigrants within three years. However, the Minister of Immigration Canada Marco Mendicino believes that it is difficult to accomplish this goal. In any case, the immigration goals that are not completed in 2020 will be transferred to 2021 and 2022. It is expected that the number of new immigrants to Canada next year will not only create a historical record but may also be an explosive historical record. According to public data, before the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in Canada in March 2020, Canada’s original immigration goals were to accept 341,000 newcomers in 2020, 351,000 in 2021, and 361,000 in 2022. The pandemic directly caused the number of new immigrants admitted to being seriously lower than expected. From January to August 2020, only 128,000 new immigrants landed in Canada. According to this ratio, the number of new immigrants landing in 2020 may not reach 200,000. This means that 850,000 or more new immigrants must be introduced in 2021 and 2022 to reach this goal. Bloomberg said that if the Canadian government wants to achieve Trudeau’s goals, it must lower immigration thresholds and relax immigration conditions but Mendicino does not think this is a viable plan. Bloomberg’s internal sources said that Mendicino’s and Trudeau’s opinions are currently divided.

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Newest QS survey showed that 60% of international students have returned to their schools
The authoritative international education organization QS recently launched a survey on the attitudes and choices of international students during the pandemic. QS has conducted a survey of international students enrolled in 86 countries and prospective students from 153 countries to understand the situation and trends of studying abroad during the pandemic. From the acquired data, it is clear that most students who were studying abroad plan to return to school before January next year, which shows that international students are still optimistic about their study abroad plans. 41% of respondents hope they can study in Canada. When asked about the anti-pandemic results of the following major countries studying abroad, Canada received more positive reviews than the United Kingdom and the United States. 73% of respondents believe that Canada has done a good job in preventing and controlling the pandemic, and 12% believe that Canada is not doing well enough.

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