PEI invited 157 candidates through the PEI PNP streams

PEI invited 157 candidates through the PEI PNP streams

PEI invited 157 candidates through the PEI PNP streams
On September 21, 2023, Prince Edward Island held new draws under the Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PEI PNP). PEI PNP invited 153 candidates in the Labour Impact and Express Entry streams. Another four invitations were sent to Business Impact Category candidates. The lowest score for the business candidates was 80. In total, PEI issued 157 invitations in this round. The next draw is scheduled for October 5, 2023. Since the beginning of 2023, the PEI PNP issued 2,018 invitations. Among them, 52 invitations were under the Business Impact Category, and 1,966 were under the Labour Impact and Express Entry categories.

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Canada has already invited 119,104 IEC candidates in 2023
As of September 22, Canada has issued 119,104 invitations to candidates participating in the International Experience Canada (IEC) program for the 2023 season. Canada plans to welcome 90,000 newcomers this year through the IEC program. While more than 100,000 candidates have been invited, it should be noted that not all candidates will apply, and not all applicants will be accepted. In 2024, Iceland will be added to the list of IEC participating countries. Canada and Iceland signed a reciprocal agreement on August 4, which allows young adults aged 18-30 to work and travel between the two countries. Finland will also join as a participating country in 2024, and South Korean youth will be eligible to participate in the Young Professionals and International Co-Op programs.

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Canada faces lawsuit over closed work permit terms
The Government of Canada faces a class-action lawsuit for violating the Charter Rights of migrant domestic and farm workers. The case aims to challenge the immigration regulations restricting workers’ rights to change employers. The Association for the Rights of Household and Farm Workers (DTMF) filed the case on behalf of closed work permit holders to end the system that treats workers as the property of their employers. The lawsuit alleges that the employer-tying measures are discriminatory based on race, national origin, and colour. Migrant workers with closed work permits face restrictions on their professional flexibility. If they lose their employment, they also lose their legal status to work in Canada until they find another employer with authorization to hire foreign workers.

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The Canadian labour market remains tighter than it was before the COVID-19 pandemic
The Canadian job market experienced a slight decline in the second quarter of 2023, but it is still relatively tighter than pre-COVID levels, as reported by Statistics Canada. Job vacancies decreased, while the number of unemployed persons increased by 44,300. The unemployment-to-job vacancy ratio increased to 1.4, from 1.3 in the previous quarter to 1.1 in the second quarter of 2022. Despite this softening, the proportion remains below pre-pandemic levels, typically above 2.0. Wage growth also decelerated, with average hourly wages increasing by 4.4% year-over-year in the second quarter, compared to 5% in the previous quarter.

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