Ottawa allowed visitors with a work permit to leave Canada and return

Ottawa allowed visitors with a work permit to leave Canada and return

Ottawa allowed visitors with a work permit to leave Canada and return
On May 27, 2022, the Government of Canada introduced a new update regarding the public policy allowing certain visitors in Canada to apply for an interim authorization to work. As of now, a foreign national on a visitor visa who has received a positive public policy decision on their work permit application may continue working until a decision is made, even if they have departed and returned to Canada. Before being permitted to enter Canada, visitors must satisfy a border services officer at the port of entry that they meet all admissibility criteria.

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Immigration Minister participated in Citizenship Week ceremony
On May 27, 2022, Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) completed another successful Citizenship Week by attending a virtual ceremony, which concluded the event. On the occasion, which was conducted in collaboration with the Institute for Canadian Citizenship, 25 new Canadians took their Oath of Citizenship. During the ceremony, the Minister emphasized the importance of citizenship, informing those present about its benefits and obligations. He also reminded people waiting to become citizens that IRCC is working hard to make their goals a reality as soon as possible.

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Settlement organizations in Canada resettle Afghan refugees
On May 27, 2022, the Government of Canada announced that Resettlement Assistance Program service provider organizations (RAP SPOs) are doing their best to settle refugees, including Afghans, in their new communities. The RAP delivers immediate and essential support for refugees’ most basic requirements, including temporary housing, help in locating permanent housing, and registration for federal and provincial programs. In January 2022, Canada announced a $35 million investment to increase settlement services for newcomers in rural areas and small towns. This funding will help create 9 new RAP SPOs in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, and New Brunswick with $21 million.

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Yukon to attract more tourists to the province
On May 27, 2022, Yukon published a joint news release with the Government of Canada, announcing the vast investment in the province’s tourism sector. Both the provincial and Federal Governments made a combined investment of $1.95 million towards the Yukon Elevate Tourism Program (Elevate), which will also include an investment of $25,000 from the Tourism Industry Association of the Yukon. The two-year project will cost approximately $1.9 million in total. The goal of Elevate is to assist tourism businesses and operators as they adjust and develop following the pandemic.

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Canada invited 2,056 candidates under the International Experience Canada
Over the last week, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) held new draws in the pools of International Experience Canada (IEC). From May 23 to May 29, Canada invited 2,056 young foreigners to apply for an IEC open work permit. As of May 27, there are 20,917 candidates registered in the pool, waiting for the invitation. In this round, there were 226 ITAs for Australia, 18 ITAs for Austria, 20 ITAs for Belgium, 184 ITA for Chile, 4 ITAs for Croatia, 23 ITAs for the Czech Republic, 9 ITAs for Denmark, 3 ITAs for Estonia, 445 ITAs for France, 171 ITAs for Germany, 17 ITAs for Hong Kong, 190 ITAs for Ireland, 58 ITAs for Italy, 156 ITAs for Japan, 1 ITA for Latvia, 5 ITAs for Lithuania, 1 ITA for Luxembourg, 13 ITAs for the Netherlands, 68 ITAs for New Zealand, 3 ITAs for Norway, 26 ITAs for Poland, 23 ITAs for Portugal, 11 ITAs for Slovakia, 1 ITA for Slovenia, 19 ITAs for Spain, 7 ITAs for Sweden, 1 ITA for Switzerland, 2 ITAs for Taiwan, and 351 ITAs for the United Kingdom. In 2022, Canada issued 80,574 ITAs under the IEC Program.

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