Ontario announced the introductions of the Expression of Interest system

Ontario announced the introductions of the Expression of Interest system

Ontario announced the introductions of the Expression of Interest system
On March 15, 2021, the government of Ontario announced regulatory amendments to the Ontario Immigration Act to implement the Expression of Interest (EOI) system for five streams of the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP). The new system will help OINP to apply the points grid system to administer the Employer Job Offer Category (Foreign Worker; International Student, and In-Demand Skills streams); Masters Graduate Category; and Ph.D. Graduate Category. These measures were first announced on September 8, 2020, and public consultations continued until October 23, 2020. The Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development finally filed the amending regulations to Ontario Regulation 422/17 and Ontario Regulation 421/17. The three main goals of the new EOI are to allow OINP to strategically manage intakes, increase the OINP’s labour market responsiveness, and better respond to regional labour market needs. The details for the points grids to be published soon.

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Thunder Bay issued new community recommendations under the RNIP
On March 15, 2021, Thunder Bay, ON, published a new update on the issuance of the community recommendations in the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP). In 2021, the city approved the application of 1 candidate in the NOC 0, 1 candidate in the NOC A, 4 candidates in the NOC B, 1 candidate in the NOC C, and 2 candidates in the NOC D. In addition, the Community Economic Development Commission (CEDC) of Thunder Bay recommended 5 Cooks (NOC 6322), 1 Chef (NOC 6321), 2 Cleaners (NOC 673 minor category) and 1 candidate in the “Any Sector” Occupation’s category, intended only for community residents. Thunder Bay also allocated 7 spots for Security Guards (NOC 6541) and 15 spots for Labourers (NOC 761 minor category). In total, Thunder Bay issued 19 community recommendations in 2021. Those candidates now can proceed to permanent residence application to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

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Canada ranked the country with the best newcomer integration
Recently, Europe’s largest network of scholars in the field of migration integration, International Migration, Integration and Social Cohesion in Europe (IMISCOE), released the Global Migration Integration Policy Index. Canada is ranked 6th in the labour market mobility category for having a labour market that is more favourable to new immigrants. The labour market participation rate of Canadian immigrants aged 25-54 was as high as 78%, far exceeding that of local Canadians (64%). At the same time, the Canadian government has also set up numerous integration projects to help new immigrants find employment and provide new immigrants with the skills and knowledge they need to work in Canada.

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