OINP invited 758 new skilled trades candidates

OINP invited 758 new skilled trades candidates

OINP invited 758 new skilled trades candidates
On June 17, 2020, Ontario invited 758 candidates in the Skilled Trades Stream of the Ontario Immigration Nominee Program (OINP). All invitees have their profiles created in the Express Entry system between June 17, 2019, and June 17, 2020. The CRS score range of the invited candidates was 400-436. This was the second draw in the OINP Skilled Trades Stream in 2020. On April 29, Ontario issued 190 Notifications of Interest in this stream. Last year, OINP issued 1,399 NOIs in Skilled Trades Stream and 639 candidates in the stream were nominated in 2019. As of today, Ontario invited 5,707 candidates in the OINP in 2020.

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The poll found 76% of Canadians want a total pause on immigration
According to a recent poll commissioned by True North, the majority of Canadians want to close the borders and pause immigration into the country until the coronavirus threat has passed and until Canada’s economy has fully recovered. 76% of Canadians who participated in the poll ‘strongly’ or ‘moderately’ supported the idea that Canada should temporarily pause immigration intake until a COVID-19 vaccine is completed and the unemployment rate returns to the pre-pandemic levels. Over 61% of respondents agreed about pausing the Temporary Foreign Workers for the same reasons. Nevertheless, the federal government shows no signs or intentions of pausing immigration despite the criticism.

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Visitors staying without applying for the extension will be in violation of the Immigration Act
Many visitors in Canada who were unable to go back to their country were urged to apply for visa extensions. Visitor visas are usually issued for six months. Due to COVID-19, international travel restrictions are in place. However, visitors whose visas are about to expire should apply either for a visa renewal or an extension to their stay. If their visa expires and the extension is not applied for, then their stay will be considered illegal, and they may face challenges if they apply for immigration – whether temporary or permanent in future. Their stay without applying for an extension will be taken as a violation of the Immigration Act. The immigration law has not changed due to the pandemic and must be followed.

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Mexico has announced it will stop sending temporary foreign workers to Canada
The Mexican government announced that it will temporarily stop sending seasonal temporary workers to Canada and will not consider lifting the ban until the COVID-19 pandemic has eased. According to the original plan, about 5,000 Mexican seasonal agricultural workers would have come to Canada’s vegetable and fruit farms and seafood processing plants. Mexican ambassador to Canada Juan Jose Gomez Camacho said that the suspension of seasonal agricultural workers to Canada would allow the Canadian government and relevant provincial governments time to investigate why COVID-19 outbreaks occurred in farms and food processing plants. The severe outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has killed two Mexican foreign workers in southern Ontario in May and June respectively. In addition, about 300 Mexican seasonal workers have contracted COVID-19. Mexico is the main source of foreign workers for Canadian vegetable and fruit farms, seafood and meat plants.

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