Manitoba nominated 250 candidates in January 2021

Manitoba nominated 250 candidates in January 2021

Manitoba nominated 250 candidates in January 2021
On February 8, 2021, the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) published new nomination issuance statistics. In January 2021, the province nominated 250 skilled workers and approved 5 business concepts. Manitoba also refused 2 profiles of skilled workers. MPNP invited 490 skilled workers, 5 business concepts and sent LAAs to 3 business candidates. In January, MPNP received 466 applications from skilled workers and 4 applications from business candidates. Currently, the province is assessing 326 applications, and the other 208 applications are pending assessment. Additionally, Manitoba nominated 19 Express Entry candidates. Last year, MPNP nominated 5,656 foreign nationals, including 605 nominees from Express Entry.

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IRCC will continue to use online citizenship test
Since Immigration Canada launched the online citizenship test in November last year, more than 6,700 applicants have participated. Ottawa is now considering continuing this type of virtual examination mode. Asim Zaidan, a spokesperson for IRCC, said that before the pandemic, IRCC began to implement modern reforms to improve the service experience of applicants. Online exams are part of this project, and because of the pandemic, this was the first to be put on the agenda. Due to the pandemic, IRCC staff began to work from home, resulting in a decline in the efficiency of processing operations, affecting 85,000 applicants for the citizenship test. However, Zaidan also emphasized that so far, nearly 50,000 Canadians have taken the oath of citizenship in 8,000 virtual ceremonies. From a point of view, this is undoubtedly successful.

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Laurentian University files for creditor protection
Facing massive long-term debts and lower revenue as a result of COVID-19, Laurentian University has filed for court protection from creditors. This 60-year-old university has a long history of enrolling international students. In a news release, Laurentian University President Robert Haché said despite being insolvent, the court filing would not affect day-to-day operations and students will not be affected. At the same time, many experts stress that the problems of Laurentian are rooted in the failed policy to engage more international students to the university.

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Canada grows popularity for business students
Canada increased its popularity as study destinations for international business students according to a new study, while the US has bounced back from a decline in popularity in previous years. Carried out amongst 1,442 respondents from 50 countries between May and June 2020, the latest edition of the Business of Branding study by CarringtonCrisp and EFMD reveals Canada is now one of the top five international study destinations, along with Singapore, the US (68 percent), the UK (67 percent) and Australia (40 percent). Asked in the latest study where they would consider studying internationally, Canada is on the rise, up from 38 percent to 48 percent of students thinking about the country this year compared with last year. One of the reasons for the increase is a set of immigration programs aimed specifically at international graduate entrepreneurs.

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