Manitoba invited 299 candidates to apply for the MPNP nomination

Manitoba invited 299 candidates to apply for the MPNP nomination

Manitoba invited 299 candidates to apply for the MPNP nomination
On March 11, 2021, Manitoba held a new draw in the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP). In round #110, MPNP issued 261 candidates in the Skilled Workers in Manitoba stream. The lowest score of those who received a Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA) was 459, two points more compared to draw #109. As for the Skilled Workers Overseas Stream, Manitoba invited only 3 individuals, and the lowest score to get the LAA was 728, 30 points more than in the previous draw. In addition, MPNP invited 35 International Education Category candidates. Of those 299 invited in this round, 35 candidates had valid Express Entry profiles. In 2021, Manitoba already invited 1,292 individuals under the MPNP, including 91 Express Entry candidates.

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Canada issued ITAs to 1,321 candidates in the International Experience Canada program
Over the last week, Canada finally started inviting candidates under the streams of the International Experience Canada (IEC) program. From March 8 to March 12, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) issued 1,321 Invitations to Apply (ITA) for an IEC open work permit. As of March 12, there were 10,791 candidates registered in the pool, waiting for the invitation. In this round, there were 33 ITAs for Australia, 2 ITAs for Belgium, 105 ITAs for Chile, 19 ITAs for Costa Rica, 169 ITAs for the Czech Republic, 589 ITAs, for France, 34 ITAs for Greece, 139 ITAs for Ireland, 3 ITAs for Italy, 1 ITA for Japan, 16 ITAs for South Korea, 8 ITAs for Portugal, 48 ITAs for Slovakia, 46 ITAs for Spain, 8 ITAs for Sweden, 36 ITAs for Switzerland, 47 ITAs for Taiwan, and 26 ITAs for the United Kingdom. This invitation round was the first round since March 2020, when the program was postponed due to the COVID-19.

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Nova Scotia and New Brunswick updated the lists of Designated Employers in the AIPP
Nova Scotia has updated the list of provincial employers designated to participate in the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP). In January and February 2020, Nova Scotia designated 56 new employers. Since the last update, the total number of its designated employers reached 1,430 companies. As for New Brunswick, the province designated 22 new companies in December. At the moment, there are 854 New Brunswick employers who can hire foreign workers in the framework of the AIPP. In total, there are 2,953 employers in all four Atlantic provinces who can hire foreign workers in the Atlantic Immigration Pilot.

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IRCC issued 257,360 Study Permits in 2020
Despite the pandemic, in 2020, Canada issued 257,360 Study Permits for international students. 53% if the international students were males and 47% females. 196,000 study permits were issued to students to study at a Post Secondary program, while 45,260 study permits were received to study in the Secondary school programs. Most of the international students were in Ontario – 120,190 study permits; British Columbia was the second most popular education destination – 59,275 permits; another 42,090 students started to study in Quebec; 12,900 international students were allowed to begin their programs in Alberta. All other provinces and territories combined attracted 23,705 international students in 2020. Overall, the COVID-19 reduced the number of new Study Permits from 401,335 in 2019 to 257,360 in 2020. Nevertheless, in January 2021, IRCC already issued 27,960 new study permits, which gives hope for a quick recovery of the number of international students coming to Canada.

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