IRCC provided new instructions on the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program

IRCC provided new instructions on the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program

IRCC provided new instructions on the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program
On April 8, 2020, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) released some clarifications regarding the instructions and program guidelines for the Post-Graduation Work Permits (PGWP) applications as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. International students must keep a valid status to apply for a PGWP from within Canada. Applicants whose study permit expires or becomes invalid must leave Canada or apply for a PGWP from outside Canada or apply for a status restoration as an international student. In addition, the eligibility for PGWP will not be affected by the online mode of study. Furthermore, these exemptions are also valid for students who have been approved for a study permit for a program starting in May or June but who are unable to come to Canada due to travel restrictions. Such students may start their programs remotely and may complete up to 50% of their credits from abroad if they cannot travel to Canada sooner.

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A record-high invitation round in the BC PNP Tech Pilot
On April 7, 2020, British Columbia held a record-high invitation round in the Tech Pilot of the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP). This time, the British Columbia immigration authorities invited 147 candidates in four categories: Skills Immigration – Skilled Worker, Skills Immigration – International Graduate, Express Entry British Columbia – Skilled Worker, and Express Entry British Columbia – International Graduate. Such an increase in the number of invitations to apply for a provincial nomination caused the reduction of the lowest scores in all categories by five points. The lowest score of this round was 85 points. Since April 2019, the lowest score in the Tech Pilot draws did not change. To date, the province invited 663 candidates in the Tech Pilot. In total, BC issued ITAs to 2,115 foreigners under all streams of the BC PNP.

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In March, Manitoba nominated 351 candidates
On April 8, 2020, Manitoba updated the statistics of the nominations issuance in the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP). In March 2020, MPNP nominated 349 Skilled Workers and 2 business candidates. Manitoba refused 73 applications of Skilled Workers. It also invited 448 Skilled Workers and approved 9 business concepts of the Business Investors. In total, MPNP received 546 applications from Skilled Workers and 5 applications from business candidates. Currently, Manitoba is assessing 469 applications, and the other 1,548 applications are pending assessment. Additionally, in March, Manitoba nominated 66 Express Entry candidates.

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COVID-19 outbreak confirmed among Mexican agricultural workers in West Kelowna
British Columbia confirmed a COVID-19 outbreak among foreign seasonal agricultural workers on a farm in West Kelowna. These are Mexican workers who are part of the Mexico-Canada Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program (SAWP). 66 Mexicans work on this farm. As a result, the farm has been closed for the time being. The workers are in housing that has space to be isolated separately and safely. These COVID-19 cases were said to be linked to a group of workers who arrived in Kelowna from outside Canada on March 12. By order of Interior Health, the facilities were subjected to a cleaning and disinfection process. A total of 25,000 Mexicans come to work in Canada every year through the Mexico-Canada Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program.

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