IRCC introduced additional points for French in the Express Entry

IRCC introduced additional points for French in the Express Entry

IRCC introduced additional points for French in the Express Entry
On October 27, 2020, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) introduced changes to Express Entry’s Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS) system. Effective immediately, candidates who have a CLB 7 level in French will get 25 points, up from 15 points before. In the case candidates scored CLB 7 in French and CLB 5 or higher in English, they will be awarded 50 points, an increase of 20 points. This means the importance of being bilingual has significantly improved for prospective immigrants to Canada. The Federal government adopted this policy in the course of implementation of the national commitment to reach a target of 4.4% Francophone immigrants outside Quebec by 2023. In the last 17 years, Canada admitted over 60,000 French-speaking immigrants outside Quebec. Last year, 8,465 Francophones were granted permanent residence outside Quebec.

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Alberta government limiting temporary foreign worker applications
Alberta imposes temporary restrictions on foreign workers to save jobs for the province’s residents. Minister of Labour and Immigration Jason Copping said Monday that the provincial conservative government is imposing restrictions on foreign workers. As a part of the new policy, Alberta cancelled more than 800 LMIA applications. These changes should free up about 1,350 jobs. The Minister of Labor believes there are a large number of Alberta residents who are willing to take these jobs. The changes will not affect those already in Alberta as well as foreign workers in the agricultural, medical and technological areas. It is not yet known which occupation will become inaccessible to foreigners, there is information that the list will consist of 475 NOCs.

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BCPNP sent ITAs to 354 candidates
On October 27, 2020, British Columbia conducted a new draw the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BCPNP). In this round, the province invited 354 candidates in the Skills Immigration (SI) and Express Entry British Columbia (EEBC) categories to apply for a nomination of British Columbia. There were no changes in the lowest scores in this round compared to the October 13 draw:

Skills Immigration – Skilled Worker 93
Skills Immigration – International Graduate 94
Skills Immigration – Entry Level and Semi-Skilled 75
Express Entry British Columbia – Skilled Worker 92
Express Entry British Columbia – International Graduate 93
British Columbia excluded the following 31 NOCs from participation in this draw (0621, 0631, 0632, 0651, 3236, 6211, 6311, 6313, 6321, 6322, 6341, 6421, 6511, 6512, 6513, 6521, 6522, 6523, 6524, 6525, 6531, 6532, 6533, 6562, 6564, 6611, 6621, 6711, 6721, 6722, and 6731.). In 2020, the province invited 7,943 candidates under all streams of BCPNP.

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Saskatchewan held two SINP draws in October
Saskatchewan government did not post results of the invitation rounds in the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) from September 29, 2020, to October 26, 2020, to comply with the local laws prohibiting changes on the government website in the month prior to the provincial election. On October 27, the province finally published the results of two invitation rounds conducted in October in which SINP invited 1,073 aspirants to apply for a nomination. On October 7, SINP issued 455 ITAs in the Express Entry category. The lowers score was 70 points, 12 points less compared to September 24. In this draw, Saskatchewan invited candidates in 67 different NOCs. On October 21, 2020, SINP issued 278 invitations to apply in the Occupations In-Demand category. The lowest score was 78 points, four points fewer compared to the September 24 draw. In this round, Saskatchewan invited candidates in 67 different NOCs. In the Express Entry category, SINP issued 340 invitations, and the lowest score was 69 points. In this invitation round, Saskatchewan invited candidates in 54 different NOCs. In total, Saskatchewan issued ITAs to 6,170 candidates in 2020.

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Alberta nominated another 69 candidates in the AINP
On October 27, 2020, Alberta published a new Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) statistics update. Since the last update on October 14, Alberta nominated another 48 individuals to apply for permanent residence. In 2020, Alberta already nominated 3,837 candidates aspiring the permanent residence in Canada and almost reached the cap of 4,000 nominations. To recall, Alberta received a quota of 6,250 nominations from the Federal government but due to COVID-19, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney decided to reduce this number in response to high unemployment in the province. As of today, AINP received 1,775 applications in the Alberta Opportunity Stream that are waiting for the eligibility assessment. In addition, there are 50 Expressions of Interest (EOI) in the Alberta Express Entry Stream.

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