IRCC announced a new credential assessment organization for architects

IRCC announced a new credential assessment organization for architects

IRCC announced a new credential assessment organization for architects
From May 20, 2024, the Canadian Architectural Certification Board (CACB) will issue educational credential assessments (ECAs) for architects immigrating to Canada. These ECAs verify the authenticity and Canadian equivalence of foreign degrees, diplomas, or certificates – a requirement for economic permanent residence. The ECA will be beneficial to both the Canadian architectural industry and the architects immigrating to Canada, as it will streamline the process and ensure that all architects practicing in Canada have been vetted for their education and skill level.

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Ottawa updated the Innovation Stream pilot requirements
On April 15, 2024, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) designated the work performed by foreign nationals in high-skilled roles at Global Hypergrowth Project (GHP) employers as crucial for public policy. This is in relation to the competitiveness of Canada’s academic institutions and economy, as stated under subparagraph 205(c)(ii) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (IRPR). This designation authorizes the issuance of a specific work permit for up to 5 years for eligible foreign nationals under the Innovation Stream pilot.

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IRCC is criticized for not curbing unethical immigration consultants
Large numbers of immigration applications are submitted overseas by unauthorized representatives. In 2019, the government authorized a penalty system for violations in immigration and citizenship applications. However, fines have yet to be imposed as the system is not in force. Delays in implementing the system are partly due to the pandemic, which is expected to be in place by winter 2025. Criticisms have been raised about the delay and the inability to monitor consultants practicing outside the country. The situation has led to increased malpractice and fraud, with many applicants falling victim to scams. The lack of enforcement and oversight has been heavily criticized, with calls for immediate action to rectify the situation.

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Conservatives advocate for citizenship as the ultimate immigration goal in Canada
Conservative immigration critic Tom Kmiec criticized Canada’s increasing number of temporary residents, advocating for a citizenship-focused policy at a conference. He linked high immigration to the housing crisis, suggesting a reduction. Liberals echoed this concern due to the strain from the influx of temporary residents. Business columnist David Olive also proposed lower immigration levels to ease the housing crisis. Despite a record immigration increase, rents soared. Olive noted that 80,000 construction workers are needed by 2030 for a housing boom. While 250,000 new homes are built annually, more are required to ensure affordability. Prime Minister Trudeau announced a 20% reduction in temporary residents over three years, boosting permanent residents. Olive proposed a smaller number, referencing countries reducing immigration due to housing crises. He recommended reduced immigration for a few years for a balanced housing model.

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