How to Immigrate to Canada in the Skilled Worker Program

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How to Immigrate to Canada in the Skilled Worker Program

One of the main goals of Canadian immigration is to welcome immigrants with skills that can help boost Canada’s economy. The Skilled Worker Program and the Quebec Skilled Worker Program cater to this by focusing on immigrants who are especially valuable to Canada’s growing economy and its building a strong workforce.

For many people looking to immigrate to Canada, the Skilled Worker Programs often provide the basis for starting a new life. Successful applicants to the various Skilled Worker Programs receive permanent residence which affords them many rights of a Canadian citizen and the ability to immigrate with their family.

There are a variety of Skilled Worker Programs available depending on your goals. You can apply as a Skilled Worker under the following programs:

  • Federal Skilled Worker – this program is for individuals with particular work experience who are looking to live in any province or territory in Canada (except Quebec).
  • Quebec Skilled Worker – this program is for individuals who want to immigrate to Quebec. The requirements are slightly different between the Federal Skilled Worker and Quebec Skilled Worker programs.
  • Provincial Nominee Program – each province and territory (except Quebec) has a unique program with criteria for selecting workers and businesspeople. Sometimes, this can be a faster way to immigrate to Canada.
  • Other Business and Investor Immigration Programs – other programs for investors, start-ups, and self-employed persons can suit individual needs more appropriately in some situations.

While the requirements for each program differ and the application process length can vary, each of these immigration programs can provide permanent residence in Canada while providing you with a career to start your new life.

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