Express Entry Draw #117 – Invitations for Federal Skilled Trades Candidates

Express Entry Draw #117 – Invitations for Federal Skilled Trades Candidates

Express Entry Draw #117 – Invitations for Federal Skilled Trades Candidates
On May 15, 2019, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) held a new Express Entry invitation round. In this round, IRCC issued Invitations to Apply (ITA) only for candidates in the Federal Skilled Trades category. Canada invited 500 candidates in this draw. This was the fifth invitation round aimed only at Federal Skilled Trades candidates. Previous rounds for Federal Skilled Trades were held on September 24, 2018, May 30, 2018, November 1, 2017, and May 26, 2017. The minimum Comprehensive Ranking System score for this round is 332. The tie-breaking rule for this round is August 29, 2018, at 8:32:03 UTC. As of May 10, 2019, there are 104,512 profiles registered in the Express Entry pool. To date, Canada has already invited 31,750 candidates via Express Entry.

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Immigrants are better educated than local residents of Montreal
According to a study conducted by the Montreal Metropolitan Community (Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal), in recent years, immigrants who arrive in Greater Montreal have a high level of education. More than half of them have graduated from at least one university. Among the local population, barely a quarter of the residents of the region have such achievements. In addition, the study shows that, among immigrants, the unemployment rate dropped sharply. Especially rapidly, it dropped among those who arrived recently: from 21.1% in 2012 to 11.9% last year. In general, the unemployment rate among immigrants in Greater Montreal reaches 7.5%, whereas for the local population of the region it does not exceed 5.3%.

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Portugal and Canada tighten relations
Portugal signed a memorandum of understanding with the city of Toronto. The document strengthens relations between Portugal and Canada and is the first of its kind in North America. The Secretary of State for Portuguese Communities, José Luís Carneiro, highlighted the importance of diversity in the Canadian culture that is also shared by Portugal. Carneiro also said that he met with the federal minister of immigration. “With regards to the Youth Mobility Agreement, we are committed to increasing the number of places for Canadian students and workers who want to go to Portugal, as Canada has already established a 2,000 quota for us. As a test, we have started with a quota of 400 and by the end of 2019 we will increase to 1,000 and to 2,000 by 2020,” he said.

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