Canadian Government introduced an update for Start-Up Visa processing

Canadian Government introduced an update for Start-Up Visa processing

Canadian Government introduced an update for Start-Up Visa processing
On April 21, 2021, the Government of Canada updated the instructions for the peer review process under the Start-Up Visa (SUV) Business Class. New instructions include updates in the program delivery and mainly concentrates on the incomplete peer-review process. During the peer review process, if the expert panel finds out some concerns or insufficient information, the SUV processing officer will send the applicant a procedural fairness letter advising them of their concerns. The applicant will be given 30 days to respond to the officer’s concerns after receiving the letter. If the applicant’s response to the procedural fairness letter provides new and relevant information, the officer will assess the file and determine whether to refuse or approve the application.

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Applicants who cannot apply for language testing should report to IRCC
Some immigration experts pointed out that applicants can complain to IRCC and ask the Department for an extension for submitting IELTS scores. After the introduction of the new immigration policies, a large number of aspirants rushed to book IELTS and CELPIP. However, many of them had not been able to register. Although the IELTS and CELPIP test centres are not under the jurisdiction of IRCC, clients can at least let the immigration authorities understand the situation, and they may perhaps provide an extension for IELTS score submissions. To recall, under the new programs, applicants must demonstrate language knowledge at CLB 4 and 5, depending on the stream.

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Vaccination rollout for returning students and seasonal workers in Yukon
The Government of Yukon introduced updates about the vaccination process for returning students and seasonal workers. The government will make vaccinations available to all returning students and seasonal workers who are arriving in Yukon and wish to be immunized while in self-isolation. COVID-19 test will be required before the vaccination appointment. Individuals will get the result of the test within 15 minutes If the result is negative, a same-day vaccine appointment will be booked at the test centre. More than half of the Yukon’s population have already received their vaccines. In total, there were 45,971 doses administered.

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IRCC updated instructions regarding admissibility concerns
On April 20, 2021, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) provided an update for the instruction to the officers assessing applications to transfer them to the Domestic Network’s Centre of Expertise in Security Cases if an application has passed eligibility assessment, while raises admissibility concerns under sections 34 (security grounds), 35 (human or international rights violations) and 37 (organized criminality) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA). IRCC has accordingly updated respective sections in the instructions for family class applications, Humanitarian and compassionate (H&C) consideration, healthcare workers permanent residence pathway, out-of-status construction workers in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), and Temporary resident permits.

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