Canada issued over 5,000 invitations through the IEC program

Canada issued over 5,000 invitations through the IEC program

Canada issued over 5,000 invitations through the IEC program
Over the last two weeks, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) held new draws in the pools of International Experience Canada (IEC). From September 2 to September 15, Canada invited 5,378 young foreigners to apply for an IEC open work permit. As of September 15, 29,715 candidates registered in the pool, awaiting the invitation. In this round, there were 2 ITAs for Andorra, 484 ITAs for Australia, 3 ITAs for Austria, 87 ITAs for Belgium, 947 ITAs for Chile, 3 ITAs for Costa Rica, 14 ITAs for Croatia, 79 ITAs for the Czech Republic, 23 ITAs for Denmark, 12 ITAs for Estonia, 254 ITAs for France, 289 ITAs for Germany, 33 ITAs for Greece, 11 ITAs for Hong Kong, 273 ITAs for Ireland, 210 ITAs for Italy, 298 ITAs for Japan, 475 ITAs for Korea, 2 ITAs for Latvia, 2 ITAs for Lithuania, 5 ITAs for Luxembourg, 63 ITAs for the Netherlands, 99 ITAs for New Zealand, 8 ITAs for Norway, 29 ITAs for Poland, 72 ITAs for Portugal, 17 ITAs for Slovakia, 2 ITAs for Slovenia, 162 ITAs for Spain, 41 ITAs for Sweden, 13 ITAs for Switzerland, 585 ITAs for Taiwan, and 781 ITAs for the United Kingdom. In 2023, Canada issued 119,104 ITAs under the IEC Program.

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New Brunswick invited 175 candidates under the NBPNP
In August 2023, the provincial Government of New Brunswick issued new Invitations to Apply (ITAs) through the three Express Entry streams of the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP). The province issued 54 ITAs under the New Brunswick Employment Connection stream, 37 ITAs through the New Brunswick Student Connection stream, and 84 ITAs under the Express Entry Occupations In-Demand Connection stream. In total, New Brunswick invited 175 candidates in August. In 2023, 1,064 candidates received ITAs under these three NBPNP streams.

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53% of Canadians think the immigration level in Canada is too high
According to a recent Nanos poll, most Canadians (53%) believe the government’s plan to accept 465,000 new permanent residents is too high. This is a significant shift from a few months ago when only 34% of Canadians thought immigration was too high. Canada has traditionally been pro-immigration, but there seems to be a changing sentiment due to the recent increase in immigration levels. In 2014, Canada welcomed 260,404 new permanent residents, which was considered high. However, last year, immigration reached 437,180, and when accounting for non-permanent immigration, the Canadian population increased by over one million. This represents a 2.7% annual rise in population, offsetting any per-capita benefits from Canada’s GDP growth.

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