Canada already admitted 160,255 Permanent Residents in 2019

Canada already admitted 160,255 Permanent Residents in 2019

Canada already admitted 160,255 Permanent Residents in 2019
According to the data by the Open Government, Canada admitted 34,290 new Permanent Residents in June 2019. Most of new PRs in June settled in Ontario – 15,675; the second most popular destination was British Columbia with 5,100 newcomers; The third was Alberta with 4,345 new PRs; Quebec was fourth – 3,855 immigrants arrived in this province; Manitoba admitted 2,165 newcomers; 1,475 settled in Saskatchewan. The Atlantic Provinces combined received 1715 immigrants. Yukon and Northwest Territories received the smallest number of newcomers in June – only 45 and 15 respectively. No immigrants settled in Nunavut in June. In total, Canada admitted 160,255 Permanent Residents in 2019.

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Federal NDP would increase immigration transfers to Quebec if elected
The leader of the New Democratic Party (NDP) Jagmeet Singh announced that his government would give a boost to Quebec’s immigration funding to help prepare immigrants for filling the province’s labour shortage. Singh promised to increase the federal immigration transfer payment to Quebec by $73 million to improve settlement services for newcomers if he is elected as prime minister. The province has been dealing with a labour shortage, with more than 120,000 jobs or 4% of all jobs in Quebec left vacant for four months or longer.

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Increasing spousal sponsorship refusal rate
There are certain regions from where spousal sponsorship application refusal rates have increased by 50%. The reason for the refusals was mainly fake marriages. The regions include South Asia and Africa. The spousal sponsorship applicant must provide clear information and evidence about the relationship and marriage. When an immigration officer is not convinced with the information and evidence to evaluate the application, then they call you for an interview. So far, Canadians sponsored 32,165 foreign spouses in 2019, which is 20% of all immigrants in this year. In 2018, the total number of spousal sponsorship immigrants was also about 20% or 62,890 immigrants.

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Ipsos poll reveals populist attitudes and anti-immigrant sentiments have gained ground in Canada
According to the new poll by Ipsos, 41% of Canadians consider that immigrants are responsible for the degradation of social services. The revelation was made by Ipsos in a report on Canadian citizens’ perceptions of various issues. The analysis also reveals that Canadians consider society to be “torn apart” and that they think politicians do not care about people. 61% of respondents say they feel ignored by politicians, in a lack of empathy that extends to experts. The data is a warning to parties on the eve of federal elections. Experts fear immigration can become a field for populist manipulation as the tension between the federal parties grows.

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