Canada admitted 4,720 business immigrants in 2019

Canada admitted 4,720 business immigrants in 2019

Canada admitted 4,720 business immigrants in 2019
Canada continues to be one of the top immigration destinations for business people from around the globe. In 2019, Canada granted permanent residence to 4,720 business immigrants. The last remaining open investor program is the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP). The vast majority of businesspeople category immigrated through this program – 3,210 of 3,215 investors got the PR via the QIIP. Investors constitute 68.11 of business immigrants in 2019. The rest of the business-immigrants in 2019 immigrated under the Self-Employed Persons Program (SEPP), the Start-Up Visa Program, and provincial streams of business immigration. To date, 870 self-employed persons, 515 start-uppers, and 115 entrepreneurs got a PR in Canada. The final numbers of 2019 indicate that the share of self-employed and start-uppers is growing. Canada admitted 175 start-uppers more and 330 self-employed more compared to 2018.

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The half of immigrants in New Brunswick leave after five years
Immigrants moving to New Brunswick have increased the population of the province, which has reached over 780,000 people. According to a report “Immigrant Retention in New Brunswick: Results from Biznet and Citizen Database”, the retention rate of immigrants is around 75% in the first year. Over three years, the retention rate drops to 60%. After five years, about half of the newcomers still remain in the province. The report also shows the province only retains about 64% of its targeted Provincial Nominee Programs. Most of New Brunswick’s immigrants who are willing to stay are from the Philippines, while those from China, Iran and Vietnam are less likely to stay.

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Aiming to be permanent residents on completion of study
The number of international students from Korea to Canada has increased for six years in a row since 2014. According to IRCC, 17,060 international students from Korea arrived in Canada in 2019, an increase from 16,880 in 2018. Many of them are hoping to settle in Canada as permanent residents with a post-graduation work permit (PGWP) due to the high unemployment rate in Korea. Age groups in the students also get diverse, with people in their 20’s up to 40’s. Canada welcomed more than 400,000 new international students in 2019

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Trudeau launches new policies to help Chinese citizens and students in Canada facing the coronavirus crisis
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Canada is ready to help China contain the coronavirus if it asks. At the same time, IRCC has announced special measures to help temporary and permanent residents and applicants being affected by the coronavirus. Specifically, extended stays are being granted to Chinese citizens and students who cannot travel back to China due to the coronavirus outbreak in the country. Facing the coronavirus crisis, the Canadian government has shown strong humanitarian compassion towards the Chinese community.

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Is immigration to Canada abused by GTA? One in three newcomers settles in GTA
According to recent data released by the Canadian Immigration Department, Canada welcomed a total of 341,000 new immigrants last year. The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) has once again become the preferred destination for new immigrants, with nearly 120,000 newcomers choosing to settle in the GTA in 2019. So far, Ontario remains the main destination for new immigrants, accounting for 45% of Canada’s new immigrant share. Of the 341,000 new immigrants, approximately 153,340 landed in that province. Ontario’s immigrant population has increased by 2% from 2018.

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