British Columbia invited new candidates to apply for the nomination

British Columbia invited new candidates to apply for the nomination

British Columbia invited new candidates to apply for the nomination
On June 16, 2020, British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program invited 276 candidates in the new draw in the Skills Immigration (SI) and Express Entry British Columbia (EEBC) categories. The lowest scores in the EEBC category have somewhat reduced:

Skills Immigration – Skilled Worker 100
Skills Immigration – International Graduate 100
Skills Immigration – Entry Level and Semi-Skilled 80 (-1 point)
Express Entry British Columbia – Skilled Worker 100 (-5 points)
Express Entry British Columbia – International Graduate 103 (-2 points)
The province again excluded 31 NOCs from participation in the draw (0621, 0631, 0632, 0651, 3236, 6211, 6311, 6313, 6321, 6322, 6341, 6421, 6511, 6512, 6513, 6521, 6522, 6523, 6524, 6525, 6531, 6532, 6533, 6562, 6564, 6611, 6621, 6711, 6721, 6722, and 6731). To date, BC distributed invitations to apply for the provincial nomination to 3,814 candidates in 2020.

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Canada-US border will remain closed until July 21
The Canada-US border has been closed since March 21 to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Since then, the border closure period has been extended several times. According to the last order, it was supposed to open on June 21. However, on June 16, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the 30-day extension of travel restriction. The exemptions will continue to be applied to the essential travels.

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One out of three study permit holders in 2020 is from India
According to data released by IRCC, one out of three international students who received a study permit in 2020 came from India – Canada admitted 32.7% or 21,890 Indian students. 18% of new students arrived from China – 12,065 study permits were issued to them. These two countries provided half of the international students in four months of the year. As for the other international students countries in the top-10, the numbers are as following: 3,945 (5.9%) came from Korea, 2,465 (3.7%) came from Vietnam, 2,260 (3.4%) came from Brazil, 1,845 (2.8%) came from Iran, 1,780 (2.7%) came from France, 1,545 (2.3%) came from Nigeria, 1,315 (2.0%) came from Colombia, and 1,310 (2.0%) came from Japan. In total, Canada admitted students from 189 countries in 2020.

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Call for full immigration status for all
A group advocating for migrant workers held a virtual protest on Sunday to ask Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Parliament to immediately give full permanent residency to all non-permanent residents. The event was sponsored by the Migrants Rights Network, together with groups of construction workers, caregivers, agricultural workers and others who are having difficulty surviving the COVID-19 pandemic without the government support that Canadians are receiving. A spokesperson during the one-hour event said they are raising their voices because the pandemic has highlighted the crisis caused by capitalism, racism, climate change and war. They added that most migrants are paid very little and face many other challenges. Without governmental income support, Canadians are getting, migrants are going hungry and fighting for survival. Migrants are asking Trudeau to keep his promise to do better in the fight against racism. This should lead to the provision of health care services, protection of workers against discrimination and abuse, permanent wage increases and paid emergency leave.

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Americans go through a loophole to come to Canada for vacation
Canada and the United States implemented anti-pandemic measures at the border to restrict all non-essential travel. However, some Americans take advantage of a loophole by claiming to be driving to Alaska in order to enter Canada. Americans driving to Alaska cross into Canada before entering Alaska as there is no other land route available. However, many such Americans stay in Canada to spend their Vacations in Canada by not proceeding to Alaska. CBSA officials are in a dilemma since they have no way of refusing entry to Americans who want to travel to Alaska.

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