Almost half of the Ontario Nominees came from India

Almost half of the Ontario Nominees came from India

Almost half of the Ontario Nominees came from India
48.5% or 3,587 nominees of the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) in 2019 were from India. Chinese nominees constituted almost 18.3% or 1351 of Ontario nominations. As for the other countries, the top ten of OINP included:

South Korea – 258 nominations
Brazil – 187 nominations
Nigeria – 149 nominations
Pakistan – 119 nominations
Morocco – 118 nominations
Iran – 101 nominations
Philippines – 81 nominations
Ukraine – 72 nominations
The rest of 1,368 out of 7,391 nominations were distributed between nationals of the other countries.

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In February 2020 Manitoba issued 388 nominations
On March 25, 2020, Manitoba updated the nomination statistics in the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP). In February 2020, MPNP nominated 386 Skilled Workers and 2 business candidates. The province also refused 27 profiles of Skilled Workers. MPNP invited 459 Skilled Workers, approved 8 business concepts and sent LAAs to 8 Business Investors. MPNP also received 381 applications from Skilled Workers and 7 applications from business candidates. Currently, Manitoba is assessing 531 applications, and the other 1,462 applications are pending assessment. Additionally, in February, Manitoba nominated 62 Express Entry candidates.

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Covid-19: Over a million Canadian citizens and permanent residents returned to Canada
According to data by the Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA), more than a million Canadians and permanent residents of Canada returned from abroad last week following the government warnings of the COVID-19 pandemic. During March 14-20, 2020, 959,600 Canadians and 43,890 permanent residents have returned to the country. Almost half of them – about 500,000 Canadians and almost 24,000 permanent residents – arrived by air. Another 429,000 citizens and 20,000 PRs returned to Canada across the land border. Only 1,500 Canadians and PRs returned by water. On March 14, the Global Affairs Canada called on Canadians who are still abroad to return home as soon as possible while they have such an opportunity.

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Quarantine is required for anyone entering Canada
The federal government of Canada introduces 14-day compulsory isolation for everyone arriving in the country. The directive takes effect on March 26 at midnight. Violators of the quarantine can face penalties and fines or even be arrested. Previously, such measures were mandatory for visitors from China, Iran, South Korea, Europe and the United States of America. According to official data, almost 20% of all infected in Canada are those who returned from the United States.