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Our immigration consultants in Canada have experience working with immigrants from many backgrounds and countries. We can provide the information you need to immigrate to Canada and help ensure the process is as smooth as possible.

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If you want to immigrate to Canada, work with an immigration consultants. We can help! Go Canada Services is the only Canadian Incorporation in Canada that can provide you comprehensive Academic, Immigration To Canada, Integration In Canada & Legal Services.

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Go Canada Services uses the service of “Korbatly Avocats Inc” to ensure that all our actions are compliant with the current legislation. They provide services for all matters regarding the immigration laws. They also do many types of legal cases in all disciplines of law.

Go Canada Services uses the service of many qualified and certified Immigration Consultants such as Souad Al-Ali and Sabine Hassoun to ensure that all our actions are compliant with the current immigration legislation.

Disciplines of law:

  • Immigration law;
  • Business (corporate) law: registration and setting up companies for investors and entrepreneurs, helping in the paper work for export and import;
  • Penal law: appealing traffic tickets or any other infractions;
  • Labour law: defending employee and union rights;
  • Family law: settlement of divorce and dispute resolution;
  • Not for profit law: setting up a NFP organization and helping in getting the charitable status;
  • Civil rights law: defending visible minorities when discriminated against;
  • Criminal law: defending the wrongfully accused;
  • Intellectual property law: protecting the copy rights, trademarks and patents;
  • Real state law: revising contracts, checking the legal compliance;
  • Civil litigation: launching lawsuits resulting from any disputes;
  • Administrative law (immigration appeals, Regie du logement, TAQ, CNESST, SAAQ, etc)

Sabine Hassoun
Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

Being an immigrant herself, Sabine Hassoun believed that Canada is the land where everyone can make their dreams a reality, Canada -in her eyes- is her home and the home of anyone who is willing to succeed, it is YOUR future home as well!

During the past years, Sabine – as Law Bachelor holder- has gained more than 10 years of work experience in the Legal and Financial field, Public Relations and Quality Assurance. Also, she was part of the Syrian Refugee Project #WelcomeRefugees that was launched by the Canadian Government in winter 2015 to welcome 40,000 Syrian refugees.

Sabine continued her education journey, as a result, she obtained her Masters Degree L.LM. from Université de Montréal in International Business Law, the factor that helped her get a better vision and understanding of international and local business.

Sabine didn’t stop there, she continued her education by focusing on the areas of law that best interest her and positively influence other people’s perspectives, so she started studying Immigration Law and gained her diploma in order to become a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant.
On a final note, Sabine is determined, ambitious, passionate, and never gives up on her dreams, she values integrity, professionalism and organization…

Souad Al Ali
Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

Souad Al Ali is a dedicated Immigration Consultant who has peoples best interested at heart. With many years of experience in immigration law, Souad developed a detail oriented approach and precision when she undertakes an immigration file.